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Ozone in medicine

Other Information about Ozone

  • Depending on the disease to be treated, the way of giving ozone to a patient may vary widely.
    Many are the possible ways. One must only not inhale ozone.
  • Ozone therapy is practically free of negative side effects, and there are only a few situations in which ozone therapy may not be given.
  • However, in order to practice ozone therapy it is not enough only to have the necessary sophisticated medical equipment available. Also, the exact technique must be known, as well as the correct quantities and concentrations of ozone to be used in order to obtain best possible results.
  • The treatment with ozone - the ozone therapy - was introduced into Brazil already in 1975, by Dr. HEINZ KONRAD, a physician who lives in the city of São Paulo. He employs this method until today, having perfected several technical details, expanded the range of medical indications for the method, and also having published his work and large experience, in the form of speeches, at many international, European and national congresses, the first having been in Germany in 1978.

    Dr. Heinz Konrad
    Ozone therapy - a new treatment for Herpes, Hepatitis
    and other types of infection

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